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Tips to fight summer heat

The summer is the most long-awaited season of the year, especially the holidays. Although we love sunny days, they always come with strong heat. It is impossible to eliminate the heat but we are sure this tips will help you to deal with it more easily.

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1. Try to keep the heat of the rooms. Open the windows to let the air in and cool the environment, but only during night hours. Spend the hottest hours in places like the swimming pool, shopping malls…

2. Heat can get everywhere, and that’s when a fan can become our best ally. They can decrease the temperature down to 3 or 4 degrees. Circulating air always cools the room we are in.

3. Our diet can also help us fight the heat. Avoid hot food. Now it’s the best moment to eat salads and other fresh dishes reach in water. Melon and watermelon are very good examples.

bungalows-campingmasnou4. It’s important to drink water very often, because we need to hydrate our bodies. Fruit juices are also essential because they give us sugar and vitamins, which are very good for us.

5. Beyond refreshing ourselves with food or drinks, it’s also good to cool certain parts of our bodies like the bakc of our neck, the face, the wrists… Wet towels will also decrease the heat in our skin.

6. During midday, when it’s hotter, search for areas with shadows and limit any intense physical activity. Suitable clothes, caps and hats will lessen the effects of the sun.

We hope you enjoy the summer at Camping Mas Nou… without getting too hot!

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