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3 tools for the campsite that solve everything

While we are on holidays in the campsite, we want to have fun, disconnect and stay with our family and friends, but sometimes we also have to do some little jobs and then we will need more than one tool and gadget. This is the reason why we show you some of the best multi-purpose tools:

1. The Swiss knife, SwissChamp Xavt is the total queen. It eliminates any obstacle when you need to do any job because it has 80 accessories! You can saw and cut, screw, calculate the time and the temperature, file down, pull up, write, open, magnify, light up… All in the same Swiss knife!

2. If you also need a lot of tools and you are a photography fan, maybe you will choose the GerberGear Steady Multi-Tool. It has the typical knife, little saws, a can opener… but it also adds a tripod for your compact cameras and smartphones!

3. On the other hand, if your passion is food, you must own Habo Eat Kit. You will no longer eat with your fingers, it’s portable and you can easily take it apart if you need to.

With these gadgets you do not need more things to be able to spend a great holiday in Camping Mas Nou!

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