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Glamping, the new trend of the moment

There are more and more people that want a holiday with their friends and relatives surrounded by nature, either in a campsite or in a free camping zone. For many of them, this can be a wonderful experience; even if there will always be those who won’t sleep well inside a sleeping bag and away from their everyday luxuries.
That is why today Camping Mas Nou offers a great solution to this problem which is called Glamping, the new touristic trend that is spreading all over the world.

This idea comes from the mix of the word “camping” and “glamour”. This new trend consists in having small accommodations in the middle of nature. It looks for the feeling of being in a campsite offering, at the same time, all the services of a hotel, but avoiding the disadvantages of sleeping in a tent.
The advantage of Glamping is that you do not have to carry and set up the tent, to sleep on the floor and also you do not need electricity.

To sum up, it is a modality designed for those who want to be surrounded by nature, sleep in a comfortable accommodation and enjoy others luxuries that are not included in the traditional idea of camping.

 Did you know this new trend? From Camping Mas Nou we encourage you to share with us what do you think about this new way of accommodation!

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