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Wine vacation: 5 wine cellars in Empordà

Short trips for wine vacations are becoming more and more common, as they make for a new and refreshing experience which allows deeper understanding of the richness that can be found in the places we visit.

Thanks to Camping Mas Nou‘s location in Empordà, we have the privilege to be surrounded by one of the most select Designations of Origin in Catalonia. That’s why today we invite you to enjoy the experience of the wine vacation routes you will find in Empordà. Savoring the best wines in the area, getting to know the details of its elaboration while visiting the cellars, and going into the vineyard world provides a handful of sensations that should not be missed. And even more so if you can enjoy such beautiful sights and landscapes. These are the 5 wine cellars you ought to visit:

Fuente: Empordà DO       Fuente: Empordà DO

Fuente: La Vinyeta       Fuente: Cellers d'en Guilla

Images 1 and 2 source: Empordà Denominació d’Origen. Image source 3: La Vinyeta. Image source 4: Cellers d’en Guilla.

As always, we will be delighted to hear what you have liked the most about wine vacations or which other wine cellars you recommend to other readers of the blog.

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