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XXIII Land of theTroubadours Festival in Castelló d’Empúries.

XXIII Festival Terra de Trobadors Castelló d'EmpúriesOnce a year, the town of Castelló d’Empúries travel 700 years to the past, in full Media Age, with minstrels,  troubadours, counts… in Land of the Troubadours Festival. This edition will take place from 5 to 8th of September and the streets will once again be teeming with craftsmen, dances, music, performances… and all the citizens and tourists will submerge in the time of highest glory of the saga of the Empúries Counts.

Under the motto 1213, the end of the Occitan Dream this year the festival revolves around the politic and cultural relations that took place between Occitania and the Crown of Aragón in a time when culture and Troubadour’s poetry bloomed until the end of it all came with the Muret battle on the year 1213.

Emblematic spaces such as Llotja, Joan Alsina Square and Jaume I Square, will be the stages for the activities for all ages, concerts, exhibitions, competitions, performances… Also, in the streets of jewry there will be a market with demostrations and sale of handicrafts.

Cena medieval Festival Terra de TrobadorsThe typical medieval dinner, 6th of September, in the old  Counts Palace and the Sant Domenech Convent, is another activity that you shouldn’t miss. This is a dinner like overlords celebrated in the past, with performances and also tipycal food and dresses. So it’s unforgettable experience! You can inquire and book here.

Some days full of culture, tradition and history. You can join in the festival if you are spending your holidays in Camping Mas Nou. Look up here the program and travel to the past.

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